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       Pianisticize is a project that had taken a long journey to get through. After dedicating 7 years to piano and music teaching in London, I started to develop the idea of having a space to provide all kinds of piano content, but mainly a place for popular music and modern piano literature. 


I can't thank my students enough for inspiring me with their songs suggestions and ideas during their lessons, their kindness and specially for giving me the opportunity to learn from their unique way to perceive and express music.


It has been lots of trial an error to find a formula to develop piano scores for a particular level of skills, and yes, my students have been the ones testing every single mistake that I have provided through the years (thank you again for your feedback and patience). I could have never done it without their weekly pop tunes requests and their necessity for understanding and performing their favourites tunes. It's still a pleasure to see them devouring piano songs and that is contagious!

The name 'Pianisticize' and its concept were 'officially' chosen and also born online in 2019, but took me a while to shape it (living in a fast pace city with poor time management skills can make anyone's doubt their own dreams and ideas). The project is finally built and operational at the end of 2020.


I hope the content helps you with your piano practice and music learning!

Lots of music,  


Bio Monica Fadul

Monica Fadul is a London based musician, educator, composer and  performer. 

Classically trained, she later specialised in pop music (Codarts, The Netherlands) and Composition for TV and Media (University of West London). 

Her compositions and arrangements cover a wide variety of styles: from orchestral scoring to pop, contemporary and world music.


She specially enjoys pop, video game and film music, playing keyboards and synths in bands and rollerblading.

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